It's a Celebration

Coordinated Family Care (CFC) was honored by being named one of the 100 Best Places to Work in New Jersey.

On April 29th, CFC staff, administrators and board members gathered for an exuberant evening filled with excitement as they all waited to find out where CFC ranked among all 100 companies at the awards dinner. As the list counted down from Top 20, Top 10 and eventually Top 5 companies, attendees were on the edge of their seats, overcome with joy and anticipation. The announcement was soon made; Coordinated Family Care won 2nd Place in the small/medium company category!

Everyone in attendance jumped and cheered, celebrating this great honor and accomplishment. This was truly a moment to cherish and embrace, for it was a gratifying experience for all who have worked tirelessly in the community helping others reach their goals and visions.

In a heartfelt letter to all CFC staff, Bill Schnitzerling, CFC Board Chairperson, stated

“This prestigious honor is well deserved and a true reflection of the quality and professionalism demonstrated by the entire CFC family.”

He added, “'Keep-up the Great Work', is an under-statement of your ability and an ideal which is already engrained in your work ethnic and desire to make Coordinated Family Care the best place to work!!”

The Best Places to Work in New Jersey program is comprised of 100 nominated companies separated into two categories, large companies (more than 250 employees) and small/medium companies (15-249 employees). The process for determining the 100 Best Places to Work in New Jersey is determined by a two part process. The nominated companies received an extensive review of their workplace policies, practices, demographics and culture, 25% of the overall scoring is based on this section of the review. The remaining 75% of the review is based on an extensive survey provided to all employees which aims for direct feedback about working for the company. The final ranking of the two part process determined the placement for the final award.

CFC would like to thank all the dedicated staff for all their hard work and genuine concern and commitment to help our families succeed. Please join CFC as we continue to celebrate this great honor!

Thank you, Sponsors!

Sponsorship of tickets to the "Best Places to Work in NJ" awards dinner:

  • The Silverman Group
  • Dave Siebel Consulting
  • Brown & Brown Insurance
  • Boise Furniture Interiors
  • JT and Karyn Miller
  • Benefit Tax Link
  • David Degatano of Valley National Bank
  • Paychex Payroll Services