Become a Board Member / Get Involved!

Becoming a Board Member



Coordinated Family Care is now seeking qualified community representatives to serve on our Board and help fulfill our mission to:

  • Provide child-centered and strength-based care management services while partnering with families to realize their vision, goals, and full potential.
  • Become part of a movement dedicated to coordinating services for emotionally and behaviorally needy children and their families in Middlesex County.
  • Network and plan with other Board members who have various professional careers and expertise.
  • Become an integral part of the planning process as an advocate for families and children. 

Some General Responsibilities of being a Board Member

  • Regularly attends board meetings and important related meetings.
  • Makes serious commitment to participate actively in at least one internal/external committee/workgroup.
  • Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time.
  • Stays informed about committee matters, prepares themselves well for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  • Gets to know other committee members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.
  • Is an active participant in the Board’s annual evaluation and planning efforts.
  • Participates in fund raising or special events for the organization.
  • Serves as an ambassador to the community.
  • Attends bi-monthly Board meetings and attends a minimum of four meetings per year (missing consecutive meetings is strongly discouraged.
  • Attends Annual General Meeting