Addiction: My Experience with Drugs & Alcohol

Addiction in any form is tough for everyone and anyone. Addiction to drugs is gripping and harmful. There is hope for those who have addiction and those who have to deal with it.

Addiction to drugs is gripping and harmful.

At 10 years old I began to drink alcohol and use tobacco almost daily. I am now 16 and I wish I had made the decision then, not to start. At 13 years old I started using pain killers, at 14 years old cocaine, and at 15 years old I used acid, ecstasy and other pills. By the time I was 16, I was using heroine.

I’ve done almost every drug. Throughout my use of drugs, I’ve been in 3 rehabs and 8 other inpatient programs. I’ve been in too many programs to even keep track of. I’ve been arrested 3 times and still couldn’t stop. My addiction has caused my family heartache, but, I have begun to turn things around.

I have been in a long term program for almost 3 months and I’m trying to take advantage of it. I have been happy and so has my family. I have hopes and dreams and I know I have a bright future ahead.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to not get started. And or those who are going through the same experience, look ahead and know you are worth more.

Make a change for the better!